Concrete & Pavement Social Distancing Decals

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These 12" x 12" round concrete/pavement decals help your customers maintain appropriate social distancing resulting in a more relaxed and comfortable experience - even in outdoor settings on rough/textured types of asphalt, concrete and other pavement.  

Minimum order quantity is 3


What are social distancing pavement decals made out of?

Our outdoor/rough surface floor graphics are made with a rugged 20 mil aluminum foil material designed to naturally conform to the texture of rough or smooth surfaces. The high-friction/slip-resistant surface improves the stability of pedestrian traffic in the area it is applied and is designed to withstand hot and cold weather conditions. This material exceeds anti-slip safety standards, both when wet and dry.

What is the life expectancy of aluminum floor decals?

Aluminum Floor Graphics are printed directly on materials using UV cured inks, rendering it rated for outdoor use. Although this product is designed for outdoor use, harsh weather conditions and extreme traffic may wear down the slip-resistance and require the graphics to be replaced sooner for safety precautions. Indoor applications and locations with lighter pedestrian traffic can prolong the material’s lifespan.

Can I use this material on hard surfaces such as concrete, brick, etc?

Yes, this material can be used on textured, harder surfaces such as concrete & asphalt pavement, brick, epoxy, etc. For best results, we recommend using a hard rubber roller to roll on the surface of the material after application.

How are aluminum pavement decals printed?

UV cured inks are printed directly onto the surface of the aluminum panel, resulting in a longer outdoor lifespan.

How do I apply my social distancing pavemet decals?

Sweep your desired area clear of dirt, debris or moisture (if the surface is oily, it may need to be power washed with a commercial degreaser). Peel off the release liner from the floor graphic, lay flat on the surface and compress by hand with a roller. Make sure all edges are completely adhered. The high performance pressure-sensitive adhesive provides superior holding strength, enabling it to be ready for immediate use. It can be applied at temperatures of 33℉ / 0℃ or above. Please note, you MUST consider the temperature of the surface to which you’re applying. For instance, stone and metal surfaces are often colder than air temperature. It is ALWAYS recommended to test the application when the temperatures hover around freezing. For best results, it is recommended to apply your floor graphic in temperatures of 50℉ or above.

For maximum bonding results, we recommend using a hard rubber roller to roll on the surface of the material after application. The material can be used on fairly even, harder surfaces such as concrete, brick, epoxy, etc.

Are aluminum floor graphics recyclable?

Yes, outdoor/rough surface floor decals are made from aluminum and contain no PVC or hazardous elements. It can be disposed with aluminum recycling.

Do you offer outdoor/pavement decals in custom shapes and sizes?

Yes!  If you'd like a different shape than round, a different size or a higher quantity of outdoor floor decals than you see here, please use the quote request form to contact us with your custom request.