CUSTOMIZED Social Distancing Floor Decals

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Easily add your logo and adjust the colors of our pre-designed 12" x 12" round floor decal templates to match your branding or upload your own completely custom design. Branded social distancing floor decals help create a seamless look for your retail space, restaurant or other business while helping your customers maintain appropriate distancing standards. These adhesive backed graphics have a textured non-slip finish and are repositionable on most dry, clean and untextured floors including low-pile carpet.  Minimum order is 3 pieces.
You will receive a proof within 24 hours of placing your order

Customizing our design templates - how to add your logo & adjust colors

To add your logo, edit the text or change the colors of one of our standard designs,  click "Customize" above to proceed to the customization tool.  From there you can choose from our pre-made templates and then proceed to add your logo and change colors.

Ordering - Fully customized social distancing floor decals

For your own 100% completely custom design, download the product template here.  Create your artwork in your favorite graphic design program on the template and save it as a .PDF or .EPS.  Then click "Customize" above, choose the blank/upload your design template.  Then click the "Upload logo/design" tab and choose your completed .pdf or .eps file.  Once it loads you may need to scale the design to fit the art board.

Can you produce social distancing floor decals in custom shapes, sizes and colors?

Yes!  If you'd like a different shape than round, a different size or a higher quantity of outdoor floor decals than you see here, please use the quote request form to contact us.  

What are your social distancing floor decals made of?

Our social distancing floor decals are direct UV printed at 600dpi on repositionable adhesive backed fabric reinforced PVC material with a non-slip texture.  This produces a durable graphic with brilliant color depth that are easy to install and remove in one piece.

What types of surfaces can social distancing floor decals be used on?

They adhere to most clean and dry flooring surfaces including low pile carpeting, tiles, metal, painted surfaces, wood, PVC floors, untreated stone and untextured concrete.  

What is the life expectancy of social distancing floor decals?

Under normal indoor conditions our standard floor decals will remain vibrant and adhere for up to 4 months outdoors and up to 6 months or more indoors.  In many cases they will last for up to 2 years indoors, it all depends on the surface & the traffic of each area.  

Please note that these floor decals are rated for easy removal up to 6 months from installation.  Removal may be easy after 6 months, but it depends on the surface, traffic and exposure to elements & dirt.

How do I apply social distancing floor decals?

Prior to application, remove loose dirt or particles from application surface. Extremely dirty surfaces may require washing before application, but the surface must be completely dry before the graphic is applied.  The recommended minimum surface application temperature is 50 degrees Fahrenheit and the service temperature range is 20 degrees F to 150 degrees F.  

Peel a 6” strip of liner from the back side of graphic and crease the liner, being careful not to touch the adhesive. Orient the graphic to the surface, gently apply the exposed adhesive surface, and slowly continue to apply the graphic by removing the balance of the liner as you are hand applying.  Do not remove the entire liner before applying, as this may cause excessive air bubbles. Use a soft rubber roller or squeegee on the surface of the graphic to remove any air bubbles, and make sure you get 100% adhesion to the surface.


The floor decal is ready for immediate use, no need to wait.

To remove the graphic, simply lift one corner and continue to pull back slowly. In most cases, the graphic will come off in one piece.

Can I clean my social distancing floor decals?

Yes!  When the graphic is visibly dirty, clean with a soft cloth, soap and water.